• Rupert Angel

8 things a graduate scheme must have to work

As we come up to the start of the next graduate season it is more and more important that the quality of the schemes that organisations deliver match the hype.

Why is this?

  1. Most employers already report skills shortages as a constraint on growth. These will only get worse as the uncertainty around Brexit grows and with possible changes in immigration rules shifting the supply side

  2. Managers believe that the softer, embodied, skills around creativity, leadership and communication are more important than ever. These are developed by the early experiences at work

  3. Increasing debate about apprenticeships and graduate schemes, relative value and relevant fairness is starting to build. See Ben Rowland at http://bit.ly/2s0bxGa

All of these point to the need to make grad schemes better than ever.

8 things that need to be in place

1st you need to know why you have a graduate scheme and what talent or skills gap you want to fill. What is the business need that this programme will fill. (Leaders for the future is not enough)

Once you have the why, the day to day work experience needs to deliver on 6 outcomes

  1. Clarity of what success looks like and what needs to be learned in terms of knowledge, skills and behaviours

  2. Stretch and challenge, increasing with competence

  3. Access to high quality teachers and role models

  4. Regular and high and quality feedback

  5. The ability to complete a cycle of delivery and own a result

  6. Visibility and sense of progression and improvement

The 8th thing is a bit of excitement and delight to engage the business, the line managers and the new graduates.

Get this right and the programme will deliver value, be simple to run and get buy in across the board.

Get this wrong and you end up with dissatisfied grads. managers and HR colleagues.


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