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Consultants who specialise in

Creating winning Talent Strategies

Simple. Quick. Sustainable.

Discover your talent score

Avoid getting trapped in big consulting projects that don't deliver clarity, direction or the energy you need

Don't lose the opportunity to get your talent back to its best

Our research shows that as businesses mature they slow down, take fewer risks on their people and their talent processes become more complex. Talent starts to feel stuck and, if you don't act, your talent loses its edge.

At the Greenhouse project we understand the problem and have a proven methodology that gives the business the tools it needs to get its talent back on the front foot.

Find out about our talent lifecyce model

Working with the Greenhouse Project is easy

  1. Take our Talent Scorecard to see where you can get best value from focusing your work


  2. Read our resources on how to create and execute a winning talent strategy 


  3. Book a conversation with us so we can help


We design your talent strategy fast, so you and your people can get on with doing what you do best

The Greenhouse Project designs talent strategies that change the game for your talent success. 

We do this both for the whole enterprise and for specific talent initiatives.  It depends what you need.

In all our work we bring our distinct insights and experience to deliver the 5 key outcomes that a business needs for Talent to be effective:

  • The clarity to set direction and energise

  • The scalability to create distributed action everywhere

  • The coherent portfolio of activities that amplify action and balance risk

  • The credibility that comes from measuring progress

  • The connection that comes from enthusing people with the story of success

We use our 2 decades of experience to deliver this as an end to end methodology that drives the speed, simplicity and sustainability your talent needs at all levels.

We know the traps to avoid and the shortcuts that can save you vital time and expense.

Why talent needs a strategy

Talent is complex because people are complicated. 


It is easy to implement what looks like best practice and find that your talent feels stuck and disengaged.  Senior leaders start to ask hard questions about where the next generation of leaders are.  There is unending demand for more initiatives and more action.  But it feels like pushing water up hill.  Whenever you make progress in one area something else gives way somewhere else.

This is made harder by the changing demands of the talent in the business.

  • Career paths have changed driven by digitisation and globalisation.  They have become more specialised.

  • Talents' expectations have changed. They expect more freedom, more choices and continual growth.

  • Talents' options have changed. LinkedIn has made finding a job easier than ever. Freelancing has become a common option.  Startups are now the biggest competition for the best.


The old playbooks don't work in the same way as they used to. They need updating.

Without a clear strategy that aligns with the business needs, gives direction and creates the mechanisms for change, it is hard to break free from behind all the busy work that eats up time and energy

It is with this in mind that we have designed the Talent First accelerator.  A detailed method to guide and boost you through the analysis, design and delivery work you need to get back out in front.


Rupert Angel Talent Strategy Leader

Rupert Angel

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Will Jodrell

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In 2002, we met at a coffee shop as old friends who wanted to do something to help organisations get better at growing the leaders they need.

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Typical clients we work with across sectors

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The work Rupert and Will have done has transformed the way we develop talent

The team really understands the modern workplace and what it takes to run one.


5 Wetherby Gardens

London SW5 0JN

United Kingdom

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