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The Greenhouse Project works with large businesses to increase the speed, simplicity and spirit of how they manage their talent. 

We are experts in talent strategies and learning for mature businesses.  Since 2002 we have worked with 50+ of the worlds largest and most succesful businesses and 5000+ talented individuals to unlock their potential.


We have worked with some of the world's most succesful organisations over the last 20 years. There are lots of examples of great work we see inside businesses  as they mature but we also see some common challenges. We have developed a set of clear insights into the problems businesses face at this development stage

  • Slow; talent is struggling to keep pace with the rate of change of the business; skills, markets and technology

  • Stuck; talent is not progressing and succession is not working.  The bureaucracy of talent becomes more and more complex

  • Same; firms start to look the same, the same processes, the same assessment tools, the same systems leading to lack of excitement about how things are done around here


Too often the promise that came with the emergence of Talent as a function has not come to reality and we are seeing executive teams starting to ask what the are getting for their investment. 

This challenge is compounded by the changing demands of the talent in the business.

  • Career paths have changed driven by digitisation and globalisation.  They have become more specialised.

  • Talents' expectations have changed. They expect more freedom, more choices and continual growth.

  • Talents' options have changed. LinkedIn has made finding a job easier than ever. Freelancing has become the norm.  Startups are now the biggest competition for the best.

The old playbooks don't work as well as they used to. Put simply, if your talent approach looks the same as it did 10 years ago, we think you have some great opportunities available from change.


Rupert Angel

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Will Jodrell

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In 2002, we met at a coffee shop as old friends who wanted to do something to help organisations get better at growing the leaders they need.

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The Greenhouse Project designs talent strategies that change the game for your talent success. 
Our methodology answers the 5 questions that businesses need to have answers to for Talent to be effective:
  • What is it the game the business needs talent to play and what it means to win?
  • What are the rules of the game that show your people how to play?
  • What tactics and playbooks are you going to use to win?
  • How do you keep score to know you are making progress?
  • How to tell the story so your people want to play?
Each component adds value on its own.  When put together as an end to end methodology it drives the strategies you need to create the speed, simplicity and spirit your talent needs at all levels.


Talent strategies




The work Rupert and Will have done has transformed the way we develop talent

The team really understands the modern workplace and what it takes to run one.

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