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Creating sustainable Talent Strategies

Get total clarity on how a talent strategy can make a difference.

Most organisations do not have clear talent strategies.  They have processes, tools, programmes and lots of activity. But no clear strategy that explains how their approach to Talent will create sustainable, outsize value.

Typically organisations have "best" approaches.  The "best" place to work, the "best" place for skills, the "best" data, the "best" assessments. But these don't really set a direction or tell you what to do. They don't force choices, they are at core another way of saying doing the basics well.

For many organisations this has been fine.  They have worked in markets which were not overly competitive, where being OK is good enough and Talent is has only been really important at the level of the senior leadership team.

But this world is changing.  The changes in attitudes to work, how work is done, the skills and what a career will look like means the talent offer needs to change. The value that Talent needs to bring to the people in an organisation needs to be much sharper. The old playbooks are not working.


This is where we help by creating sharp and exciting Talent strategies, fit for the future of work.

We are not focused on senior leadership, as a group they are well served. We are focused on the core of the organisation.  The people who do the work.  How does a talent strategy add value for them. 

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We work across two interlinked areas

Business Talent strategies to deliver value

We work with organisations to build clear Talent strategies that go beyond a long list of activities.

The outcomes of our work are clear business and functional narratives that challenge the business to take action and be different for their people. 
How to make a difference in the core of the business.

We have a unique approach to understanding career paths and how career paths need to tie explicitly to talent pipelines if an organisation is going to real value from their talent approach.

Early careers strategies and implementation

If the middle of the organisation is where the work is done, there have to be a clear pipelines in.

Great organisations have clearly defined approaches to Early careers that feed their talent pipelines 

We are deep experts in how to build early careers across large and small enterprises.

From how to design and operationalise global frameworks, through to learning designs for specific skills, how to make the first 90 days work in a hybrid world and how to keep the work alive.

Working with us is easy

  1. Take our Talent Scorecard to see how clear your overall Talent Strategy is


  2. Take our Early Careers scorecard to see how well you are set up in this area 


  3. Book a conversation with us so we can help



Typical clients we work with across sectors

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The story behind our story

Rupert Angel

Rupert Angel Talent Strategy Leader
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Will Jodrell

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In 2002, we met at a coffee shop as old friends who wanted to do something to help organisations get better at growing the leaders they need.

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