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Talent System Design 

Linking Talent Management to Talent System Design

Translating your Talent priorities and talent choices into a Talent system design that support the business strategy.

Very often the different components of the Talent system are spread across different HR teams who have “different views” on what they are trying to achieve and what they can change. The result is a confused organisation which sees conflicting systems and frameworks.

This is a classic case of function following form and where a holistic design input is needed.

How we help translate your Talent strategy into a Talent Design

We work with you to do the analysis and holistic thinking.

We facilitate the different parties understanding the talent strategy and coming to better design choices.

We translate that into clear priorities for change, identifying what is critical and what is nice to have.

We help with how to communicate this kind of change effectively in the organisation.

The Talent Questions answered

What is my integrated talent system?

How to I align my talent activity to make the biggest impact?

How do I make Talent an integrated system rather than a set of unrelated initiatives?

What do I need to change in my talent system now and what can I leave the same?

Indicative price - From £15,000 
Indicative time scale - 2 months intense work.  This has to be short and intense or the annual cycle overtakes the work. 
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