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How understanding the critical roles in the organisations is key to developing an effective Talent strategy

In most organisations, there is an increasing amount of value delivered by fewer people in “Critical roles”. 

This has been driven by digitisation, globalisation and specialisation. For the future, getting the right people with the right skills and experience in those roles will have a disproportionate impact on success.

The challenge is to work out what these roles will be and to work out how to get as good as possible people in those roles.

"So what we are starting to do, rather than judge someone’s importance by their grade, is to ask which are the 10 or 20 roles that affect our organization the most right now? Who is occupying these roles? Do we have the best people? Are we spending our resources in the most effective way?"  Roberto Pucci EVP HR Sanofi

How to uncover the value of Critical role analysis

Work with the business teams to identify the critical roles that will define the future success of your organisation.  We have a specific research approach to how we do this which uses a pragmatic interview approach that reduces speculation and gets to the nub of what will be different.  

From these insights we are able to apply our understanding of different career and experience paths to identify the best approach for having the best people ready in these roles.

The Talent Questions answered

Which roles should we be investing in?

What should our buy, build or borrow approach for those roles?

What are the career paths, critical experiences and skills for the critical roles?

What does this mean for our selection, skills and potential approaches?

Indicative price - From £20,000 
Indicative time scale - 6 weeks + 

Critical Role Analysis 

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