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Understanding the dynamics of your talent

Getting to a shared, accurate view of reality about the dynamics of talent in the business

How understanding the core Talent Analytics helps

Deliver a data driven approach to understand the current state and projected future state of the organisation and its talent.

We take your data and use it to answer  a carefully constructed set of questions which illustrate the reality of your talent today

We have a built a set of models we can use your data with to understand and simulate future scenarios

We can add qualitative interviews with your business leaders, at all levels, to produce more granular, by unit, by function or by country pictures

The Talent Questions answered

What is the reality of my talent situation today?

How is this situation changed over a period of time and what have the impacts been?

What is the gap from where I am to where I need to be?

What is my demand looking like for people by level, by unit?

How many and where do I need my High Potentials?

Indicative price - From £6,500 
Indicative time scale - 2 weeks + depending on scope

Talent Analytics 

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