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Understand how graduates  add most most value to the business

Answering the why question; why you have graduates, how they support your business and talent strategy and what success looks like.

Getting the why right unlocks the energy and aligns the energy needed.


Identify the key career paths

The what question; what are the key roles you want graduates to move into and the career paths to get there. 

We have a well established process to identify these choices quickly and accurately

Work with us so you can focus on building value not administering process


The end to end learning journeys

The how question; what are the key experiences, the professional and personal learning and the support processes for success.


We have a library of graduate career paths and supporting processes that makes this simpler and quicker.

Graduate Development

Get better results from your graduates with less work

Graduates are a critical source of talent for organisations. But getting value from graduate schemes is increasingly tough due to the three external forces of

  1. Changes in career structures that value specialism for longer

  2. Changes in the expectations of graduates; not only do they expect more they expect organisations to deliver on their promises

  3. Changes in how easy it is to get a new job;  jobs now come to you, you don't have to go and find them


We can help you to get a faster and higher return from your graduate investment from design through delivery to bench-marking and measurement.  


We deeply understand what makes graduate schemes tick and what it takes to get true value from them. We have done it before, so know the short cuts to value and the bear traps to avoid. 

How we help you increase the value from your graduate investment


Specify the right graduates

Answering the who question; who should you target, how to attract them and how to assess them.


We help you be clearer and more specific so you can be more efficient and effective, saving you effort.


Deliver the learning journey

Designing and delivering high quality learning that works for graduates and supports the learning journey. 


We work with you to deliver a turnkey solution that is super simple to implement and integrated to the business.


Measuring the value


Is it working; performance processes, engagement and effectiveness measures.  All bench marked.


All designed to be quick and simple to use and focused on identifying what needs to change.

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